10 Best Blogs for Relationship Therapy

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Blogs for Relationship

Blogs for Relationship – Do you want to learn more about effective relationship therapy? Follow the links below to find 10 of the best relationship therapy blogs. You can also read articles from relationship experts, such as Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Eliza G. Boquin, and Camille and Jacob. You may find something useful in these blogs, or you might learn more about how to apply them in your own relationship. You can also sign up for their newsletters to receive new posts directly to your inbox.

Dr. John Gottman

Dr. John Gottman is a prominent marriage and family therapist who was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists in the past quarter-century. In addition to many scholarly articles, Dr. Gottman has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, and CBS Morning News and has written for several publications, including Glamour and People magazine. Dr. Gottman’s 10 best blogs for relationship therapy are well-written, insightful, making them excellent resources for couples who are seeking advice.

In addition to his blog posts, Gottman has a website that offers free relationship advice and guidance to couples in need of relationship counseling. The Gottman Institute was founded by Gottman and his wife, Julie Schwartz Gottman. In addition to his work with the Gottman Institute, Gottman is also an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. He created “The Love Lab” at the university where he conducted research on marriage and couples.

For those looking for a blog on relationship therapy, the Gottman Institute is the place to start. This website has over 40 years of research on relationships and provides take-home materials and live workshops for therapists. Imago relationship therapy emphasizes the link between childhood and adult relationships. This helps couples develop empathy and understanding in their relationships. Solution-focused therapy is ideal for couples with specific goals or problems.

Blogs for Relationship

Blogs for Relationship

Dr. Eliza G. Boquin

If you want to read more about relationships, you should visit Eliza G. Boquin’s 10 Best Blogs for Relationship Therapy. Her advice is focused on improving your self-care and resolving relationship issues. She uses lists, infographics, and quotes to explain relationship problems and give advice. In addition, she has a Facebook page that you can follow to learn more about her research.

Dr. Camille and Jacob

Camille and Jacob, married with two children, attended premarital counseling at their church. The couple, a happily married older couple, stressed the importance of date nights. They were given a calendar to fill in each week for date nights. Camille and Jacob committed to making them a regular part of their marriage. They went on to attend weekly date nights and have been happier ever since. Despite having two young sons, Camille and Jacob are still finding time for each other.

Dr. Corey Allan

If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your relationship, then you should check out Dr. Corey Allan’s blog. This relationship therapist is a Ph.D. in family therapy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has written numerous articles on topics ranging from intimacy to marriage. His blog is full of interesting and helpful advice for married couples who are experiencing problems in their relationships.

The Sexy Relationship has gained a huge international following since the site launched. In addition to helping couples make better decisions, it began a movement aimed at breaking down the taboo about communicating over sex. With Dr. Corey’s advice and his experience, he has helped many couples improve their relationships. His blog also features articles and video lessons from his own experiences.

The Sexy Significant Other Radio podcast is another great resource for couples looking to improve their relationships. The podcast, which is hosted by Dr. Corey’s partner, provides helpful advice about relationships. The content is accessible and easy to understand, allowing even the most difficult situations to be handled with ease. Dr. Corey has an amazing ability to bring practical solutions to difficult problems, based on his extensive experience as a partner.

Dr. Jacqueline Hellyer

As one of Australia’s leading sex educators and relationship experts, Jacqueline Hellyer’s blog is packed full of insightful advice on sex and love. Her sex advice blog has been featured in Elle and Oprah, Playboy, and even Oprah herself! She is a highly sought-after speaker and relationship coach, and she’s also an internationally-recognized Tantra teacher.

This site features articles from renowned therapists, relationship coaches, and media personalities. These insightful blogs can help you improve your love life and your relationship. Whether you’re dealing with relationship problems or a need for more advice about sex and relationships, these sites are sure to be helpful! Hellyer sees a wide range of couples and relationships daily, and she confirms that relationships are more equal than they used to be.

Dr. Bryan Reeves

If you are looking for a blog that can help you improve your relationship, read Dr. Bryan Reeves’s list. He was once a relationship coach and once went through a painful divorce, but has a blog that is both entertaining and informative. Reeves also has a number of other relationship-related programs. His list of top 10 relationship-related blogs is long, but is well worth reading.

Blogs for Relationship

Blogs for Relationship

Relationship Seeds is another great site dedicated to relationship improvement. It has helpful tips on dating, marriage, parenting, sex, and more. It even covers the subject of sex education. The site is extremely engaging and covers a variety of topics. Relationship Seeds is a great choice if you want to improve your relationship. You will find articles about everything from how to flirt to dating to marriage.

Dr. Jenn

VH1’s “Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn” is a hit series that features celebrity couples going through therapy. The show explores common relationship issues and sheds light on the complicated lives of high-profile couples. Check out some of Dr. Jenn’s favorite blogs below and start your relationship therapy journey today! Here are 10 great relationship blogs you should follow:

-Dr. Jenn’s 10 Best Blogs For Relationship Therapy – Dr. Jenn Mann’s blog offers insight into her own difficult relationship experiences. As a psychotherapist and the host of VH1’s Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn explores topics such as communication, resolving conflict, and co-parenting. She even offers advice on surviving difficult times and communicating with your partner.

-Rationalized Relationships -Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus is a sociologist and intimacy coach. Her blogs cover topics ranging from first dates to the first fight. Her articles are practical and relevant, and often contain a humorous element. The blog also provides relationship advice and sex education. It’s not just about love -relationships also revolve around sexuality.


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